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  • New Cycling Jerseys & Running Vests for the Summer

    0 comments / Posted on by Adam

    As we experience the hottest weather of the year so far, we're thrilled to announce the arrival of a few new products by Scimitar.

    More and more people are beginning to experience the benefits of our amazing Qwick-Dri™ technology, an enhanced wicking solution available across our range.

    There's never been a more prevalent time for the technology!

    So, the new products. Let's start with the Mr Men & Little Miss characters. Much loved across our range of products, we're delighted to bring Mr Slow & Little Miss Quick to our range of cycling jerseys and running vests.

    In a first for Scimitar, we ran a Facebook poll for fans of our products to vote on their favourite products. Mr Slow & Little Miss Quick were clear favourites, so we pushed our efforts straight into these products for you. 

    All featuring mesh side panels, flatlock stitching and reflective piping, these new products will be ready to purchase for the beginning of July.

    Licensed apparel aside, we're adding a new range to our recently launched retro collection for those of us who love Scimitar products but prefer a subtle, multi-use design.

    More information on this range will be announced through our Facebook, Twitter & this blog soon.

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  • The Retro Colllection

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    We're excited to introduce the all new Retro Collection, the latest in our range of exciting new running vests and cycling jerseys. 

    Drawing inspiration from retro designs of the past, we've incorporated these classic patterns with modern colours and features, ensuring you get everything you need for your running or cycling event. 

    Take the Martley Mens Running Vest, for example. Finished in a vibrant red, this vest features a double-banded white stripe across the middle of the top, which loops around the whole jersey.

    What about the Newland Womens Cycling Jersey? A gorgeous black base is complemented by a pink, white & baby blue strip across the middle of the top. Much like the rest of our designs, this feature continues around the back of the garment. 

    All of our new retro running vests feature mesh side panels for added ventilation, while flatlock stitching and rear reflective strips offer comfort and visibility in equal measures. 

    Our cycling jerseys are equally packed with ride-enhancing elements. Mesh side panels and reflective panelling is offered across the range, while cargo pockets and a valuables zip ensure safe transit of all your necessary extras.

    Add a silicone gripper and full-length hidden zip, and you've got a feature-packed jersey for under £40.

    Explore the Retro Collection today by clicking here.


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  • 12 Ways to Care For Your Cycling Kit

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    There are things you should be doing that aren’t on the care label. 

    If you’ve been bitten by the cycling bug then you will have no doubt invested in cycling kit that supports you mile after mile. Whether you’re in to riding cyclocross or Audax’s, there are some extra things you can do to look after your kit that isn’t included on the care label.  

    Here are a few tips below to keep your kit in tip-top condition:

    1. No rush. Don’t pop sweaty, muddy or wet kit in the laundry basket after a ride. It’s not necessary to wash straight away but air it out. If your kit is particularly muddy, rinse it straight away when you get in.

    1. Look after the chamois. Sometimes you’re so shattered after a ride walking up the stairs to change your kit seems like a chore, but if you want to look after your chamois (and your skin!) make sure you take your cycle shorts off straight after a ride and wear a clean pair for each ride. Not doing this can result in a buildup of bacteria 
    1. Lightly rinse overshoes or toe caps when you get in if they’re muddy, particularly in winter when there is salt on roads, as this can destroy neoprene. Mild detergent, such as baby shampoo, can be great for removing gunk off the road. Make sure you don’t put them in tumble dryer!

    1. Hand washing. You don’t need a washing machine to wash kit, which can be the case if you’re on a cycle holiday or camp. Using shampoo in the sink can be enough but make sure you pay special attention to the chamois to prevent any bacterial build up. 

    1. Prepare for the wash. When you pop you kit in the washing machine, close all zips and Velcro closures and turn kit inside out. Make sure you don’t wash normal clothes with your cycle kit as the heavier clothing can damage the delicate fabrics of your jersey. If you don’t produce enough kit to warrant a wash just for sports kit, use laundry mesh bags to protect the kit and make sure the wash is on a cool setting per the care label.

    1. Choose carefully. Use a mild, non-biological detergent, preferably powder instead of liquid. Do not use a detergent that claims to produce brighter whites or colours as this can damage fabric through bleaching. Do not add fabric softener to your cycle kit wash either as this can leave a residue in the fabric that can affect the breathability.

    1. For drying, hang your kit to drip dry away from direct heat. Please don’t tumble dry your kit! It will result in a short life span for your favourite cycle jersey, I’m sure there is another cycle jersey in the drawer you can use instead!

    1. Water repellent treatments do wash of overtime so it’s best to rinse waterproofed garments if possible. Re-proof with spray on treatment – once you’ve bought the can, just treat the garment as your other cycle kit and re-proof frequently. Make sure you don’t leave waterproof jacket screwed up in your jersey pocket after a ride; hang it up afterwards to improve the longevity of your jacket.

    1. Make them last. You don’t need to wash gloves, arm warmers, leg warmers and gilets every time you wear them, it’s better for longevity to wash them after a couple of wears.

    1. Think about the fabric. Base layers can require different washing to the rest of your kit as they are close to your skin. For synthetic base layers, use a non-biological detergent. If you’re hand washing, it can be useful to use a synthetic specific detergent. Wool base layers, such as Merino wool, don’t need to be washed as frequently as synthetic base layers. Use a wool specific wash when it starts to get a little stinky to preserve it!

    1. Cycling shoes can get overlooked in terms of care. Use a damp cloth if they are slightly mucky. If they are really muddy, submerge them in warm soapy water and use soft brush to loosen dirt. Take out insole, undo straps and stuff with newspaper to help with drying. Don’t put these on the radiator!

    1. If you are a particularly muddy cyclist (cyclocross and MTB enthusiasts, we’re looking at you!), give your washing machine a bit of TLC every now and again; clean your washing machine to make sure your normal clothes don’t get stained by a buildup of dirt.

    Happy cycling!


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  • Why Scimitar Running Vests?

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    There’s a reason why our range of funky running vests are amongst the most popular come marathon time! 

    Our team of technologists work hard to ensure any new features added to our running vests are practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

    Ideally, we want to keep you cool, comfortable and looking good for the duration of your run. These are little perks that you won't find on other running vests within the same price bracket.

    Please note, mesh side panels and reflective panelling are only available on the 2016/17 vests. This includes the following:

    All Scimitar running vests made here forward will include the technical enhancements, as well as a few new innovations soon to be revealed...

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  • Celebrate St Davids Day With Us!

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    Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! In other words, Happy St Davids Day!

    To celebrate the national day of Wales, we've got a few special offers on our Welsh products, for today only. As celebrations take place across Wales to celebrate Welsh Pride, grab yourself a Welsh product at a bargain price!

    Until midnight, make the most of the following deals:

    Unisex Wales Cycling Jersey for just £29.95 (saving 25% on RRP)

    Made to the highest professional specification, the dynamic elements of this cycle jersey with Qwick-Dri™ fabric help you stay dry and ventilated with breathable side panelling.



    Unisex Wales Running Vest for just £17.95 (saving 28% on RRP)

    Soft, flat lock stitching feels smooth against the skin, whilst high-stretch fabric enables you to move freely and comfortably as you're running.



    Kids Wales Cycling Jersey for just £21.95 (saving 26% on RRP)

    Featuring the iconic Welsh Red Dragon, this premium cycling jersey for children allows you to showcase their Welsh pride.



    Mens Wales Running Shorts for just £15.95 (saving 36% on RRP)

    Manufactured using our Qwick-Dri™ wicking fabric, these shorts are equipped with SplitMesh side panels for enhanced wicking and comfort during a long run, keeping you cool & comfortable throughout.



    Womens Wales Running Shorts for just £15.95 (saving 36% on RRP)

    Specifically designed and cut for women, our Wales running shorts are ergonomically designed with comfort and performance in mind.



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